Wrinkle and Sun Damage Treatment

Enhanced skin rejuvenation treatment work by precisely targeting the three major signs of aging:

Brown discoloration, also known as pigmented lesions (age spots, sun spots, etc.), are darker than the rest of the skin and absorb more laser energy than surrounding skin. Red discolorations, also known as vascular lesions (mall veins, rosacea, cherry angiomas, etc.), are overgrown or enlarged blood vessels. Preferentially heating vessel walls causes them to shut off and be absorbed by the body.

Wrinkles and skin laxity are caused by gradual breakdown in collagen density and strength. Deep heating laser energy starts a regenerative process which lays down layers of new healthy collagen. Most patients experience considerable improvement after 1 to 4 treatments. Laxity and wrinkle improvement is most often evident after just 3 to 6 treatments. Soon after treatment, your skin may appear slightly flushed. These effects usually subside after a few hours. Sun exposure should be avoided for at least one week. Sunscreen and make-up may be applied immediately after treatment.